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Aerowings Microlight Flying Lessons in Leicestershire and the Midlands

Microlight Flying Lessons in the Midlands

Flying In a Jabiru UL-D Calypso is simply fantastic. The aircraft is available as a microlight or as a light aircraft. The 2.2 litre horizontally opposed boxer engine gives the aircraft the ability to cruise at speeds of up to 120mph. See the Leicestershire countryside as you’ve never seen it before. Feel the exhilaration as the Jabiru banks over for an arcing 360 degree turn.

There are two ways you can be introduced to flying either with an ‘Air Experience’ or a ‘Trial Lesson’. Both of these can make great presents in the form of a voucher.

The ‘Air Experience’ flight is designed to give you a taste of what it is like flying in a microlight. You’ll be introduced to the Jabiru aircraft, given a safety briefing and an explanation of how the controls work followed by being taken to the air for approximately 30 mins.

The ‘Trial Lesson’ is designed not only to give you a taste of what it is like flying in a small aircraft but also the experience handling the controls.  Yes, you take the controls! The instructor will be beside you of course and the appropriate briefings given. After your pre-flight briefing you will take to the air for approximately 60 mins.

All you have to do now is click on either the 'Air Experience' or 'Trial Lesson' badge. On receipt of your payment you will be sent by post a numbered voucher. You then simply call the telephone number given on the voucher to book a date and time. The voucher is valid for 12 months.

We fly from Stoke Golding Airfield which is famous for being the location where the Battle of Bosworth actually took place, no aeroplanes in 1485 of course.  The official Battlefield site is just up the road. The address is: Stoke Golding Airfield, Sutton Cheney, Leicestershire. CV13 6. For directions please go to    

Training is to the UK NPPL (National Private Pilots License)                                                                                       



Aerowings at offer flying lessons in the Midlands by an experienced instructor.
Conveniently located for Leicestershire, Rutland, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.